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ARKHAM NOW updates to modern times the famous and fabled city of Arkham for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game.

Most residents believe there is only one horror lurking in this legendary haunted town — the urban sprawl slowly eroding Arkham’s old New England beauty. Rushing by neon signs and mega-marts to obtain even more material possessions, no one notices the more disturbing, underlying qualities of the city: the grotesque vegetation sprouting in some places, the sometimes-odd taste from the reservoir’s drinking water, the disturbingly high rate of birth defects, the too-frequent child abductions.

Those who make inquires are scoffed at by citizens, and rebuffed by local and state officials. The truly brave continue to put the pieces together, posting their thoughts on the Internet. Many of these individuals disappear from cyberspace eventually — often due to the effects some of these discoveries can have on one’s mental health.

Though they would never admit it, many of the long time residents of Arkham know there is something not quite right about their town…

INCLUDES THESE CHAPTERS: Introduction • Welcome to Arkham • Town Directory • Northside • Downtown • East-Town • Merchant Section • Rivertown • Miskatonic University Campus • French Hill • Uptown • The Outskirts • Lonely Hearts (Taste Great) • Lost in a Book • I Did What The Virgin Asked.

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