Glen More (VO) un jeu Alea
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Glen More (VO) Alea

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Glen More

Every player represents a different clan that wants to expand its territory. Whether you try to get a new pasture for your sheep and cattle or grow corn, which then usually goes into the production of whisky, whether you sell your goods on the various markets or invest in the cultivation of special places such as lakes and castles, it always a question of the correct decision at the right time.

Glen More offers a unique turn mechanism. Players take territory tiles from a rondell. Picking a tile has not only influence on the actions you get by the surrounding tiles in your territory, it also determines when you'll have your next turn (and how many turns you will have in the game). But having a lot of turns is not always the best strategy for a successful chieftain.

Jeu en VO ; la traduction en français est disponible ici.

La vidéo des règles :

Durée : 
45 à 60 minutes

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