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Twilight Imperium III
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Twilight Imperium III FFG USA

Code EAN 13 : 9781589942066
99.00 €

Twilight Imperium III

It has been more than three millennia since the ancient galactic empire crumbled and the Twilight Wars erupted. After a period of devastating conflict, the great races retreated into remote and safe areas of space. Now, at the brink of a new area, the great races are moving towards the heart of the galaxy once more. The ancient Galactic Council on the central planet Mecatol Rex is regaining its influence, but the balance of power is becoming increasingly fragile.
In the vast expanses of space, migthy fleets hover in tense anticipation, while trade wars rage across the stars. Ancient technologies are being rediscovered, and forgotten feuds remembered. Galactic tension is reaching unsustainable levels, and another war seems inevitable. As the great races prepare themselves for the struggle to come, they know one thing is certain: only one race will become the progenitor of a new galactic empire.

Attention: jeu disponible en anglais uniquement.
Durée : 
4 heures

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