The danse macabre (VO) un jeu White wolf
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Vampire : Le Requiem

The danse macabre (VO) White wolf

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Vampire The requiem : The danse macabre

Dance 'Til Sunrise What are you willing to do to make it through tonight? What about tomorrow night? And after the deeds are done and your belly's full of blood, how are you going to live with yourself? The Danse Macabre asks those questions in new ways, and provides new tools to answer them in your own chronicle. So let's get some razors, and open up some old wounds The definitive companion to Vampire: The Requiem 
*  New disciplines tied into kindred Traditions. 
*  Atrocity and Banes: rules for replacing Humanity with mystical or personal consequences. 
*  Exciting new rules for social and mental combat, and the role of vampiric powers therein. 
* Rules and information for play at multiple tiers, from a street-level coterie to a global conspiracy. 
* New covenants, from the sinister Foundation to the renegade Brides of Dracula.

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